Thursday, 31 December 2009

Life Drawing: Autumn '09 pt. 6

These two drawings are of 15 minute poses:


My approach to drawing poses of this length typically focuses on the subject's pose, proportions, line of action and weight distribution. But on this occasion I made an effort to extend my study into tone. As you can see I've made some effort to convey the lighting on the body.

I soon realised this made little sense on a stark white background. I figured the tones on the body should relate to eachother within a broader context, if they were to have any meaning at all.

So with the next pose I tried to include the environment, tonally, in an effort to achieve that:


The relationships certainly felt better now, but the marks I was making still felt lacking in some way. As a value study things seemed to have progressed yet the pencil strokes needed to be more descriptive if they were to keep up.

We had about 45 minutes on the next pose:


Here, I continued to make an overall tonal study, but also made a conscious effort to have the direction of the pencil marks describe the surface clearer and in keeping with the tonal relationship. I think there's a better sense of mass and weight to the pose now, but overall it's all a bit laboured (duh!)

Final 30 minute pose:


By this point we had lost all natural light in the room and switched to overhead flourescent ones.

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