Saturday, 2 January 2010

Life Drawing: Autumn '09 pt. 7

Like the previous life drawing class, in this session I experimented with directional mark making. Once again we had a mix of standing and sitting poses.

These poses were held for around 10 minutes:
So the idea here was to describe the surface with the direction of the pencil strokes as well as building tonal relationships across the figure. I drew these poses to the full height of an A4 sheet. Had I drawn them smaller, I may have been able to include the environment and give each one of these quick drawings more tonal context.

We had about 30 minutes on this one:
Clearly a much more pleasing result with some thought given to the environment, although I do think the strokes outside the figure are a bit lazy - too much of a graphic interpretation of the light which distracts from the figure.

Dig this 15 minute pose:
I remember struggling with the foreshortening quite a bit!

The final drawing of the session was this 40 minute pose:
A much more careful study with subtle tonal shifts, don't you think?

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