Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Life Drawing: Winter '09 pt. 5

I had such a blast at life drawing class on Monday night. This term keeps getting better and better with each session. I'm not sure how well blog posts convey the depth of my experiences of drawing at these classes, but I do enjoy writing about them - if for no other reason than post-analysis for self use or something like that.

Let me just say it's not just a case of repetition and practice leading to confidence and progression (although that is true). All the exercises that Charlotte, our tutor, takes us through sound quite experimental at first but in practice are brilliant at highlighting the area we're studying and truly effective at the LEARNING aspect, without ever feeling like we're being taught a specific method, style or "way" - because we're not. In essence all we're really doing in each class is figuring out how to see better. Not just look, but actually see our subject - whatever that may be.

So what I'm saying is, The Princes Drawing School rocks and Charlotte Mann is dope. She's excellent at guiding the class as a whole but also employs an approach that allows for the individual student to grow their own method of doing things while still benefiting from solid learning every step of the way. That's some rare shit.

Now, on with the drawings:

Life Drawing 2009-12-16_02
Life Drawing 2009-12-16_03

These are 10 minute studies in charcoal. When I drew these, I was actually sat on the opposite side to the angle depicted. Meaning, if you look at the second drawing, I was actually sat behind the model and had to project how I thought he appeared from the front. See, it may sound kooky, but it's a great way to learn the importance of seeing your subject as a whole, full form, and not just the facing side.

Life Drawing 2009-12-16_01

Some quick 1 minute studies (above), in pencil.
(BTW, click on any image for a larger version)

Having enjoyed working with brush and ink last week, for the final two poses I chose to work in guache and a broad round brush. I focused my attention on light around and on the model and tried to paint those patterns in the hope they would add up to defining the figure.

Life Drawing 2009-12-16_05

Life Drawing 2009-12-16_06

While the success of that is debatable, the exercise itself was sho' 'nuff worthy.

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