Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Life Drawing: Winter '09 pt. 4

Ok, I realise I'm super late with this post, but the past week has been very busy. What's got me running around lately? Well, I've started moving from pre-production into actual production on a new animated music video, which I'm very excited about. I've also been helping out at several ad agencies - on the art direction and design front, plus I've been developing a brand for one of my personal clients - a small company that should make a big splash this year.

Despite the rammed schedule, I did make it to my life drawing class on Monday - and by that I mean last monday Feb 9th. These drawings are from that session:


We were asked to explore the impact of our chosen material (brush and ink in my case) by experimenting within it's variants. So when I drew the one above, I held the brush consistently at arm's length for the duration of the pose. The brush had a small width flat head.


I scribbled this one using only the back of the brush - repeatedly dipping the hard wooden tip into my ink pot to reload, pushing the ink around the surface of the paper to vary the tones where needed.


I went to the opposite extreme here. I used a really big, round, soft brush, sloshing diluted ink in an effort to cover all my paper in tone.

Going through this series of exercises reminded me about the constant decision-making process that is drawing. It's an active, intense process that demands focus. I tried as best I could, to distill and apply what I'd learned to the final drawing of the evening:


(Click any image for a larger version)

FYI - had a great drawing class last night too, I'll do my best to blog those in the next day or so.

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