Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Turnaround: Dr. Jeckyll


Sorry, I've been really slack with posts, busy and all that. Click the image for a larger version - it's a turnaround I did of Dr. Jeckyll. I've got lots more to write about on this project - hopefully get it all covered in daily posts this week.

I think turnarounds are the most technical part of the character design process. Once I've got a rough concept together, a turnaround helps me check that the design works from different angles. The challenge of course is to maintain the same sense of mass and keep a clear silhouette at the same time.

It's a dull-ish kind of procedure when compared to say, exploring expressions and ghestures - which employ a much looser drawing process. But turnaround are essential for taking the design to the next phase, especially if that next phase is animation.

It sounds obvious, but forming your design on a foundation of simple and varied shapes pleasingly combined in a way that makes good design sense, makes the turnaround process a lot less mundane and kind of rewarding ultimately.

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