Thursday, 18 October 2007

Refining a concept

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Following on from the last two posts (here and here), the inked drawings above are an example of what I consider a "first stage" concept. The rough concepts that eventually led to these drawings aren't really the sort of thing I'd share with a client or anyone else on production - because they are "thinking" drawings i.e. sketches that help me work out my ideas.

However, these "first stage" drawings (along with dozens more at the same level) serve as a point of reference at production meetings, helping all involved to discuss character development and the direction the project should take visually.

Judging by how rigid the cleaned up lines look, it may be hard to see how they could have come from the initial loose sketches I roughed out previously. Hopefully these sketches make the journey clearer:



These doodles explore one of the routes from my initial rough concepts and eventually led to that "first stage" Jeckyll you see at the top of this post. If I spot a theme that I like in the roughs, I try and doodle out variations on that theme and if I still feel there's potential, I refine it into a first stage concept. I may do this several times, it all depends on the number of ideas worth pursuing and ofcourse, the time available in pre-production.

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  1. Hey Rafi hows it going?

    I saw your post at 7camels and wondered, how many Rafi animators could there be? :]

    Your Jeckyl / Hyde design is starting to work. They`re very different. Jeckyl looks suave, selfish arrogant and confident. Hyde is bumbling, more accommodating (follows rather then leads) and rather diverted (never keeps track of what hes been doing)

    I hadnt thought of using silhouettes for design. I`ll give it a try.