Friday, 26 October 2007

Alternative Jeckyll & Hyde

A look at some alternate routes I explored for Jeckyll and Hyde :


As you can see, I've looked at possible shape combinations that have appeal and contrast. I'm also thinking of contrasting personality between characters as I sketch.


Scribbling these didn't take more than a couple of minutes, yet enough of the idea came through each of these simple drawings for me to decide on whether it was worth developing further.


None of these felt right for Jeckyll & hyde but were totally worth doing. I actually feel this last one has some potential, so it's branching off into a project of it's own now! :)



  1. Enjoyed your posts, its easy to think that designing is easy just because it looks easy. Damnit, its not. Very nice designs, even the sidetrack features quite some appeal.
    I quite like your choice to explore geometric shapes, they give such a strong silhouette.

  2. Thanks Henk, I find using the simplest of shapes as a foundation is the quickest way to explore the possibilities of any given route or idea. I can explore balance in my designs without getting too involved in details - that stuff comes later, once the main shapes are working and producing a solid and clear overall design.