Friday, 10 August 2007

Life Drawing - Week 15

Here are some drawings from last week's class. click any image for a closer look:

This pose was about an hour long:

and these were about 20 minutes each:


  1. Nice to see someone else doing this Rafi! I like the care and attention shown in these drawings and I would recommend trying to think of the body in terms of simple volumes such as cylinders, spheres and cubes as a second step after the gesture.

    And not complicated volumes either, just the plain old type, them put the muscles wrapping around them.

    Keep it up, looking good!

  2. Hey Rafi! You attended animationmentor? How was it for you? I never considered attending an online course before myself, but I would very much like to know what your experience was like

  3. HEY! thanks for the great feedback, sorry for the late reply - been busy for the past couple of months and updates to the blog have been on hiatus.

    clinton - animationmentor is excellent. If you want to learn character animation you could do a lot worse. the classes are focussed and the course is well structured. I have no regrets.