Monday, 6 August 2007

Life Drawing - Week 14 (pt. 2)


Here's a cool thing I learned at last week's life drawing class. Take a look at the drawing above. That is a 30 minute drawing I did by observing the model and continuously checking the marks I made on paper as I drew.

Below is another drawing I did that same evening:
I drew it without looking at my sketchbook, I just kept my eyes on the model and let my hand draw as I observed the contours and folds in the pose. This is called "blind drawing" and it's a really good exercise to help understand the value and beauty of line. Is it me, or is this 10 minute "blind drawing" loads more interesting to look at than the 30 minute one above?? The figure in it also seems to have much more of a presence than the first picture.

Here's another comparison:

30 minute "straight" drawing:

10 minute "blind drawing":

To me, the blind drawings seem so much purer. They may defy conventional notions of proportion and perspective, but they're infinitely more intriguing than the other two drawings. There's got to be a way to get the best of the abstraction of drawing blind and the more measured approach of a more planned drawing.


  1. Boy, those blind drawings are fun! I should try a couple next life drawing session.

  2. blind drawings are nice because they give your brain and hand eye coordination a kick in the ass. I know that's what my brain needs sometimes.