Monday, 6 August 2007

Life Drawing - Week 14 (pt.1)

Here are a couple of 40 minute studies I did the other day:
With both drawings I tried to ignore any literal descriptions that came to mind (i.e "shoulder socket", "hip" "further away" "closer") and just tried to focus on the angles and shapes I saw, in the hope that in the end, it would look vaguely recognisable as the subject I had in front of me. This approach also stopped me from continuously editing as I went along, and instead freed me up to just feel the lines and shapes.

Prior to those I did a set of warm-up poses:

5 mins:

5 mins:

3 mins:

2 mins:

As you can see with the shorter poses, you have to pick and choose your battles. Rather than attempt to capture everything in such short time, I decided to get the placement of the feet and orientation of the hips/shoulders down the best I could within the time limit - that way, I figured I'd get some sense of balance and space in and around the form.

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