Monday, 23 July 2007

Life Drawing - Week 13 (Pt. 2)

Thursday night at drawing class was a bit hit and miss. It took me forever to warm up, so most of the drawings I did of the short poses aren't worth posting. Here's a look at a couple of the almost acceptible ones:

I had 10 minutes with these two drawings. Because I'd struggled so much with preceeding poses, I decided to pick my battles here. Rather than trying to capture as much of everything I possibly could, I tried to focus on working out the twist in the torso and the angle of the feet.

In the process I ended up completely disregarding any sense of mass, so I added that to my list for the next pose:

Slightly better but I still felt the weight and mass could've been stronger, so I made a conscious effort to observe the line of action along with the rest:

I even began to see a little foreshortening appear as a sideeffect of this, but I also realised I was still drawing mostly outlines, which always flattens the picture plane.

So for the final pose, I tried to draw from the inside out, observing the variations in light across the model, while keeping track of all the other stuff I had been building up with the short poses:

This last pose lasted about 45 minutes. All the other drawings were done to poses held for 10-15 minutes.

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