Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Life Drawing Spring Term: Week 1

Last night I attended the first class of the Spring Term of Life Drawing at The Prince's Drawing School. I hadn't done any life drawing since January and wow did I feel it!

Here's a 10 minute drawing of our life model:
It's incredible how much I regress with just a couple of months out of regular life drawing class. Fortunately, we went through a series of drawing exercises like this 5 minute drawing from the memory of our model, after observing him in pose for 10 minutes:
Over time and through repetition, exercises like that will get my brain back in shape to produce more meaningful drawings.

Old habits kept creeping back into my drawing process - stuff I'd previously managed to overcome, all of which are painfully obvious when I look at this 15 minute drawing of our model:

By the time I got to end of the next drawing, also a 15 minute pose, things looked a tad more promising:
...or at least I felt more connected with my subject and process - but alas, this was our final pose for the evening.

All drawings were made in pencil on cartridge paper. I actually produced three times as many drawings than what I've included in this post, but they're even more hideous!

Over the coming weeks I'll continue posting about my experiences at the weekly life drawing class, so tune in and watch me improve.

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  1. It's a bit rough but I can actually see it moving! It's a good depiction of movement and grace.