Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Life Drawing: Winter '09 pt. 7

Last Saturday I went for a one-off drawing session at The Princes Drawing School (where I normally draw on Monday nights). The weekend classes at the school are pretty popular so I was lucky to get a place on this as

We started off with a couple of 10 minute poses:


then progressed to a 30 minute pose:


followed by a slightly longer 45 minute pose:


and then back to another 30 minute pose:


As you can tell from the drawings above, I worked with a failry soft pencil on paper with a bit of tooth to its grain. I pretty much ignored drawing anything from the environment our model was in, so for our final pose I decided to stretch out a little and work with a fat round brush and black watercolour:


I tried to approach the drawing more from the aspect of drawing the patterns of light I could see and extended my subject to include more from his environment. This pose was around 40 minutes too.

Needless to say I had a lot of fun drawing on Saturday. :)

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