Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Damn you London Underground

"London...you will get what you paid for. We are still Velvet Revolver and we still play Rock n' Roll." said Scott Weiland to the crowd after 3 explosive numbers at the start of their set tonight at Brixton Academy. Sadly, thanks to Brixton Tube station running their last train AT 10PM, I didn't catch much more of the show for fear of missing the train, and thus getting screwed for work tomorrow. Yeah, I have a day-job, early meetings and in hot pursuit of a separate burgeoning career.....all good excuses, but still, not very rock n roll, I know. If I was my spotty-faced jobless 17-year-old incarnation, I'd still be rocking out to the encore right now.

I did manage to catch the first 20 minutes of their performance and they were awesome. Obviously, this is no way to experience a rock band, particularly one of such calibre as VR. I had barely started to get into it and the experience was cut short....sigh, responsibilities. However, there IS a silver lining:

Flynn to the rescue.

As Fi and I raced back to the tube station, I rang up me old mucker Flynn and asked him to check for tickets for tomorrow night's performance (Brixton again). You see, the last train tomorrow night is miraculously at the more respectable time of 00:30. Not only could Flynn see tickets still available, but they were of the stalls/standing variety! Right on!! That's what you get when you're NOT a spotty-faced jobless 17-year-old: options.

So, this post was supposed to be a sort of review of the gig, but I'm sure you'll agree tomorrow or thursday may be a better day for that. I can however talk a little bit about Pearl, the warm-up act. I hate to do this but my inherent laziness means I'll chose to describe them using comparisons - think leppard, snake and heart but heavier and without the catchy riffs. Apart from a couple of real duds, their set was power-chord central with balls to the wall blistering hair-metal-worthy solos from both guitarists. Considering one of them is Scott Ian of Anthrax, one expects no less. The group is fronted by Pearl Aday, Meatloaf's daughter, so you should now have a decent indication of the Power Rock / Thrash Metal hybrid sound Pearl bring to the stage. They played an excellent set for an opening act. No real memorable melodies or lyrics, but who needs that when u gots da rock.

More soon.

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