Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Life Drawing - Week 5

In the fifth week of life drawing class we started exploring the use of tone in our drawings. I'm starting to understand what our tutor means when he says we should draw from "the inside out". My attempts are still really crude, and no matter how hard I try, I still find myself drawing outlines - which immediately flattens the picture. This session was the most challenging one to date, and still the process in itself remained super-rewarding.

5 minute warm-up pose:

Draw Life 05-02

10 minute warm-up pose:

Draw Life 05-01

20 minute warm-up pose:

Draw Life 05-03

We had just over an hour for this one:

Draw Life 05-04

At the start of each pose I find it really helps not to lift my pencil off the paper. I end up feeling my way around the drawing and am forced to vary the pressure and type of strokes I use to figure it all out.

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