Saturday, 26 May 2007

Life Drawing - Week 4

In the fourth week of my life drawing class we got through a lot more short poses than in past sessions. We literally had about 2-3 minutes to draw each pose, which is a great exercise for capturing the essence of a gesture - perfect for animators!

Draw Life 04-01

We had a couple of extra minutes with each of these poses:

Draw Life 04-04 Draw Life 04-03

I like how the structure of the class varies from week to week, it stops us getting lazy and falling into a pattern. Our tutor encourages us to approach each drawing with a different method, so that we're constantly exploring new routes to solving a drawing problem.

We finished off with an hour-long pose as usual:

Draw Life 04-02

This wek in particular, I've been trying to tackle the recurring problem I have with foreshortening, weight distribution and depicting mass with an economy of line.

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