Friday, 29 April 2011

Thuggee Life micro animation production blog pt. 9 - Slightly worrying situation? Nah!

With pretty much 24 hours left now, this is where I am with all the shots:

Green = animated, inked and painted. Effectively done.
Yellow = currently being worked on.
Red = work has yet to begin.


The red ones amount to about 10 seconds of the animation....SHIT! The good news is the rest of it is done and dusted.

I've been at it since 7 am, it is now almost midnight. I've actually thoroughly enjoyed the whole process so far! The last stretch awaits me tomorrow - by midnight (GMT) you, and I, will finally get to see what I can knock out from concept to completion in 7 days.

Until then, have a bit of this:


1 comment:

  1. how's it coming along? 'finally did it' yet?

    go on pal! keep at it!