Monday, 25 April 2011

Thuggee Life micro animation production blog pt. 3 - Background design

I've been beavering away on layouts for the cartoon all evening and have worked out that my storyboard requires a total of 12 layouts. That sounds like a lot but in actual fact there are only about 5 different backgrounds for me to create because most of the action happens in one place and my storyboard makes use of that place for several close-up shots and all of the two-shots (so I have been relatively economical :) )

Because of its importance, I chose to develop that background into its final form:

Video and Film

This is by far the the most detailed background of the lot, it has to be, because virtually all the essential story beats happen here. So I'm glad to have it illustrtated at this stage. Doing this has also helped me set the tone for everything else in terms of colour. I would normally create a colour script from the storyboard but there's no time for that here.

Here's an idea of how most of the two-shots will be composed:

Video and Film

I plan on turning the rest of my layouts into final backgrounds by midday tomorrow. If I get there, I'll be sure to blog the results. After which, I can hopefully move onto animation!!

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