Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Life drawing winter 2011: part 9 - struggle

Here's a drawing I made last night at life drawing class:


50 x 40
Conté on watercolour paper.

I made several more but they're such abominations I didn't think they were worth including. I think this one is probably the least unappealing of them, although I struggled with it intensely from beginning to end.

Drawing can sometimes feel like wrestling with a giant walrusoctopus. A hungry one. I tell myself that these moments of struggle and extreme frustration are a sign that I'm pushing my limits and therefore are key to breaking through to the next level of my development.

It's so true that getting good at the principles of your craft needs to come first but it's clear to me that you've also got to keep coming back to them, forever, if you want to advance.

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  1. So true. But then doesn't the frustration, and then the feeling when you're on the other side of the speed bump, make you feel alive!