Thursday, 10 February 2011

Life drawing Winter 2011: part 4 - gesture drawing in marker pen

On Monday night I made over 200 drawings during the two hour session at life drawing class. Our model changed his pose every 30 seconds or so, which meant I had to draw much faster than usual and I had to simplify things quite a bit too. Drawings like these are what character animators often refer to as gesture drawings. They're all about stripping away details and capturing the absolute essential elements of the pose.

Here's a handful of gesture drawings I made that evening using a marker pen on tracing paper:




I'll post more gesture drawings over the next few days.


  1. I'm looking for gesture drawing classes in london where do you go for the 30 sec poses...?

  2. Hi Uma. I highly recommend The Prince's Drawing School in Shoreditch: They do daytime and evening courses and cater to all skill levels. I've been attending life drawing classes there for some time now and the sessions tend to be a mix of long and short poses. The facilities are great and the studio space is exceptional. The variety of classes on offer is really good and all the tutors offer fantastic guidance. Some of the tutors like to build their sessions around drawing exercises and specific challenges. The specific challenge of drawing 30 second poses is not a regular thing, but did especially appeal to me as an animator and character designer. Regardless of how long the poses are, I've found attending regular life drawing classes invaluable. Best of luck with your drawing.