Sunday, 5 December 2010

A new show reel!

I just compiled a new show reel of highlights from my recent work as a Story Artist, Character Designer, Concept Artist and Cinematographer. I'm still animating, but this year I got hired to do a lot of pre-production work on various different projects.

As any hired gun in pre-production will tell you, there can be a rather long wait before you get to share any of your work with the public - because you invariably have to wait for the production itself to wrap up and get released before you can show any of your pre-production stuff.

Fortunately for me, four of the projects I got involved with this year have now been cleared. So, check out the reel below along with a breakdown of its contents and credits:

2010 Show reel of Rafi Nizam
Story Artist, Character Designer, Art Director, Concept Artist.

Show reel: Rafi Nizam - Story Artist, Character Designer, Art Director, Concept Artist fromRafianimates on Vimeo.

A breakdown of the contents of the show reel in the order they appear:

1. STORYBOARD drawings and ANIMATIC by Rafi Nizam
Narrator and character voices by Fiona Lesley
Produced by House of Chooch
Project Title: Stickwad and Titch
Client: House of Chooch

Actors: Jamie Zubairi and Fiona Lesley
Music by osymyso
Project Title: London Tog
Client: House of Chooch

3. STORYBOARD illustrations and ANIMATIC created by Rafi Nizam
Narrated by Fiona Lesley
Voices by Danny Robins and Fiona Lesley
Written by Rafi Nizam and Sharon Drysdale
Designed, Directed & Illustrated by Rafi Nizam
Produced by Eagle Contracting
Project Title: IT Man & Eagle
Client: Eagle Consulting

Illustrated by Rafi Nizam
Produced by King Bee Entertainment
Project Title: Elizabeth Avenue
Client: King Bee Entertainment
Elizabeth Avenue created by Amanda Evans

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