Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Life Drawing Spring Term: Week 7 - very small drawings


This week I've been drawing directly onto 35 mm sized acetate slides using pen and ink. Why such a small canvas? Well, I've found that working smaller than usual helps me to continuously see the main elements of my subject throughout the drawing process. I'm hoping this will help me overcome the "lack of connectedness in my work" that I previously blogged about. I also think I arrive at better compositions this way. Just like when I thumbnail storyboards for animation.

Mind you, I spent much longer on each of the following drawings than I do with storyboard thumbnails. These were about 15 - 20 minute each:


After I'm done drawing on the slides, I treat myself to projecting them 50+ times bigger on a wall, revealing lots of surprises contained within the marks I made that take on a much clearer meaning when projected big.


Acetate is pretty cool to draw on. You can push the ink around, smudge it or easily rub it out completely. Because of it's transparency, building up the density of your ink can be pretty robust. All the subtleties come through when you hold it up to the light.

I used two different pens in this next one:


One of the slides had tracing paper instead of acetate in it, which is also very cool to work with:


Towards the end of our session I switched to my sketchbook and did a series of 10 - 15 minute drawings, each about 35mm x 30mm in size:


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