Friday, 11 June 2010

Life Drawing Spring Term: Week 6 pt. 3


During this life drawing session, in-between the drawings I did in pencil (see part 1 and part 2) I made a quick study of a couple of poses in plasticine.

(The first four photos in this post are all of the same plasticine "drawing", click any photo to see it bigger)


Made in just under 10 minutes, working this quickly with material I have so little experience with, I was forced to hone in on exactly what my subject was and place most emphasis on that area during the study. With this pose, my primary concern was the pull in the arching back and the tension caused from shoulders to the hands on the waist. This was most evident when viewed from behind the model:


Quite clearly, I haven't defined enough in the plasticine to represent anatomically accurate proportions - but there is an "accuracy" of sorts in terms of capturing the essence of the pose, a silhouette in "broad strokes" if you will and the feeling of my subject as described in the previous paragraph.

Breaking up my pencil-on-paper drawing time with a study in plasticine reminds me to observe the core essential shapes that define the pose. Capturing those forms first or even exclusively, as in the case below, seems to be a good working method for me.


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