Thursday, 27 May 2010

Life Drawing Spring Term: Week 5 - ink drawings

This week I worked in ink, a medium I have very little experience with. So I'll keep my words to a minimum in this pose and let the drawings speak for themselves:

10 minute poses drawn in ink with a short flat brush on slightly textured cartridge paper:



10 minute poses drawn in ink with a bamboo reed pen on the same stock cartridge paper:



With every drawing I consistently paid close attention to descriptive mark-making - particularly important when working quickly in solid black ink. I was less preoccupied with tonal variations than I would be with a value study in say, pencil or charcoal, the common theme I followed across all the drawings in this session was - to react to the model's pose, be sensitive to the light flooding in from the windows and consider the space as important as everything else in my subject.

Here's a 30 minute pose drawn in ink using a combination of brush and reed pen on the same slightly textured cartridge paper that I'd also rubbed in various places with a white wax candle:


And finally, a 15 minute pose drawn in ink with a bamboo reed pen:


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