Monday, 5 October 2009

I've won a Bitfilm Award!


If you've followed my tweets lately you'll know I was in Tel Aviv last week for the Bitfilm Festival where my music video for OSYMYSO's "Follow the Legs" was up for an award.

Nominated in the FX MIX category, "Follow the Legs" was very well received by the audience attending the screening at the Cinemateque, Tel Aviv on October 1st. I'm proud to say I was awarded the prestiguous Bitfilm Robot at the festival closing ceremony that night.


I am also incredibly humbled by the whole occasion especially as my video was up against some amazing films from all over the world. Like the whole trip to Tel Aviv, seeing my film projected on a proper cinema screen was an experience I'll never forget.

A big thank you to all who voted for "Follow the Legs".
Watch the winning film on my site:


  1. thoroughly deserved and only right its on the big screen

  2. You and your work are a constant inspiration.

  3. Thanks Rob and Anonymous - you are both very kind.

  4. Congratulations Rafi Bhaiya! We're all very proud of you!