Friday, 12 June 2009

Life Drawing: Spring '09 pt. 5


Here's a bunch of drawings from our fifth session at Life Drawing class. The drawing above was the last one of the evening, I think I worked on it for about 40 minutes.

We actually started with 10 minutes poses like these:

Short poses like these are a great way to start a session, because you only have time to work on the essentials of the pose. It's all very well on longer sittings to get into tonnes of details, but if the foundations of my drawing don't relate to the subject I find it a bit pointless.

The poses got shorter and shorter through the middle of the session:

5 minutes

2 minutes

30 seconds!

These super quick poses boil it down even further. I basically just try to capture the character of the pose. I look for the line of action, how weight is distributed, the orientation of head in relation to how the feet are planted and if I'm lucky, a sense of where the tension is in the pose. There's no time for much more than that.

My feeling is, if I can achieve those in such a short period of time, I should employ that discipline in the longer, hour-long poses in the hope of getting a better drawing.

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