Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Helps if you squint a little

Here's the final drawing from Life Drawing class on Monday night.
This pose was held for three 30 minute sittings and I know I redrew it at least a dozen times. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this was our final session of the Spring Term, so I tried to be conscious of everything I observed over the past couple of months. Stuff like seeing the pose as a whole, observing the big statements first - like proportions, line of action and composition, before moving on to the main movements within those until eventually getting to value and how the figure relates to the environment tonally. There's no exact process for me, no right or wrong series of "steps" or absolute rules in drawing but I feel I am starting to develop an awareness I previously did not have. Cool.

There's isn't a new term at The Princes Drawing School until Autumn, but I plan on going to the National Gallery quite a bit through summer. I may or may not blog my studies of the true masters.

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