Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Life Drawing: Spring '09 pt. 2

Night before last at life drawing class our model took us through a total of three different poses. Our tutor encouraged us to change position every 10 minutes and so obviously I ended up with multiple pov drawings of the same pose:

Pose 1


An interesting exercise that really helped me get out of the habit of judging the merit of my drawing as I drew it, and instead kept me focused on doing my best to respond to what I saw, trying to look at my subject as clearly as possible and strive to capture that on paper without prejudice or preconceptions.

Pose 2

The 10 minute intervals consistently felt like they arrived too quickly as I scrambled to get some sense of a response onto paper, frantically trying to process the information in the pose while attempting to manage the enormous amount of decision making involved in the drawing process. Tough, but enlightening.

Pose 3

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