Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Life Drawing: Winter '09 pt. 9

Last night I had my final session of this winter's life drawing term. We had four different poses for about 30 minutes each.

Seeing as it was the final class, I used the first 10 minutes of each pose to stand and look at the subject for a bit, sometimes from different angles, while trying to recall as much as I could from the insights I'd gained in all the past sessions and get them sorted in my head.

I then drew in my A5 watercolour pad for the remaining 20 minutes - with a pastel pencil for the first two:



then in chalk for the next two:



I had a blast this term and can't wait to return for the summer term on April 20th, at which point the weekly life drawing posts will hopefully return too. In the meantime I'll try to keep up with at least a daily random doodle post.

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