Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Life Drawing - Winter pt. 5

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. Work's been busy, but fortunately I managed to make it to life drawing class last night. I'm really enjoying these sessions, most evenings involve a variety of drawing exercises, for example:

Drawing from touch
This object was handed to me behind my back. I drew it without actually looking at it, but by holding it in my left hand (behind my back). Really interesting was to draw, I found I complete abandon any preconceieved ideas on what it should look like and just tried to translate what it felt like.

Drawing from an extreme view
The model was high up on a plinth and I drew him from the base looking up. It was a pretty distorted angle that I didn't quite capture accurately on a technical level, but I reckon I've managed to show how far out of my comfort zone this exercise had me.

Drawing with my other hand:

Drawing closer to the model than I normally do:
Up until last night I've mostly drawn from a couple of metres or more away from the model. Don't aks me why, that's just always been the case somehow. But last night we were asked to get closer. I drew from a little less than a metre away, and suddenly I became so aware of the surfaces - much more than before. I also found I thought of the model's body less in terms of a preconceived idea for "leg", "torso" "hand" and instead paid attention to the specific model and setup I was studying.

Drawing closer still:
For this final pose I sat less than 12 inches from the model and really got into the surfaces and planes locked together in the pose.

Another thoroughly enjoyable, inspiring and mind-expanding session. Can't wait for the next one.

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