Thursday, 9 October 2008

Life Drawing - Winter pt. 3

We did dozens of drawing exercises at Monday's life drawing class. Most wouldn't make much sense to anyone who wasn't there, so here are four drawings I felt worth sharing. Enjoy.



The above two are from the tail-end of the warm up portion of the evening. I was mostly concerned with studying weight distribution in these (10 - 12 mins each).

Following on from that I did several like this:


responding quickly to the pose and drawing relatively fast (14 mins), not allowing myself to think twice or pre-plan my marks. I experimented with two types of charcoal pencils and then went over bits with a regular 6B pencil. I was pleased with what I'd achieved with the legs by smudging and building up tone and texture. Just playing really!

For the final pose of the evening I attempted to capture sokme sense of perspective while still trying to broaden my mark making:


I'm usually quite knackered by this point and it probably shows. All in all, another fun class.

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