Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Ralph Bakshi

Anyone who knows me, knows I make no secret of how much I rate Ralph Bakshi, so it's great to see him get some well-deserved props lately. Bakshi is up there with my all-time favourite directors and may possibly be my most favourite director in the animation medium.

This is one of many brilliant paintings featured in an exhibition of Bakshi's post-animation work (i.e. since retiring from the film/tv/animation industry he's gone back to painting). See more here.

Cartoon Brew hipped me to a recent radio interview with Ralph - essential listening!!

What I dig most about Ralph is his no-bullshit approach to whatever he does. There's sincerity in all his directorial efforts, a true original in the medium of animated features who sets an example with honest expression in his art. He also pulls no punches when talking about the animation industry, the state of art and where it's really at for fellow artists / animators.

This article he wrote for ASIFA last year confirms that even after all this time Ralph Bakshi's views remain on point and possibly the most relevant they've been to date.

Finally, a fantastic new book featuring tonnes of art from Ralph's career is out. I happen to have worked on the project, having helped out with preparing some of the cells for reproduction in the book:

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