Monday, 18 February 2008

Sketchbook: observation

A few scans of random pages in my sketchbook:
These were done outside the NFT one evening, while waiting to meet Fi for dinner. I sometimes choose to scribble in pen and ink, other times I use a mechanical pencil.

I respond differently to each tool I use. I find I naturally tend towards drawing a continuous line when using a pen, whereas with the pencil I kind of build up the contours in the drawing by varying the pressure of several small lines. I haven't done much crosshatching or varied my linework much in pen drawings. Not sure why.

I discovered yet another reason to hate the Tube - standing on a cramped moving carriage with your sketchbook doesn't help your drawing!!

Tube Bad 3

A real shame, considering the wealth of reference and real-world characters you find at rush hour.

Tube Bad 1

The cool thing about drawing on the tube, is that you're forced into viewing your subject from odd angles.

Tube Bad2

You get interesting results and are forced to work quickly, before you get knocked about or someone moves in to block your view! And on busy days, if that's the only time you get to draw, well, it's better than nothing!

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