Monday, 21 January 2008

Drawing Week: January pt. 9: Studies

The session on Thursday was a bit of a mixed bag. Lots of fast sketches and short studies, with widely varied results.

(10 mins)
Obviously a study of how light in the room described the model's skin and wrinkles on the back.

(5 mins)
We had two models again, so for my second sketch I tried to capture a sense of her weight on the box. I struggle to pin down the line of action at the best of times with standing poses, let alone sitting ones. She was sort of poised as I recall.

(10 mins each)
This was an attempt at depicting a sense of the studio space without drawing the studio itself, but infer the space just by the placement and scale of the models in relation to eachother. Not very successful in my opinion, So in the final minute I sketched the legs on a separate sheet:

(1 min)
Again, the focus was on the essence of the poses and the intended purpose of the drawing.

(2 - 6 mins)
It's pretty clear what my focus was with each study. For instance, with the female model I was trying to get the supporting arm to look like it was propping her up and the angle of her hips felt right. Likewise with the man, and his supporting leg. Sometimes all you have time to draw are those key elements of the pose, and everything else remains vague and barely supportive to the primary parts of the drawing.

(3 mins)
The angle of the hips and legs feel adequate enough to descibe the pose, it's just a shame about the disproportionate head! :)

(2 - 15 mins)
It was quite good to break away from full-body poses and sketch faces for a change.

Studying the planes that make up the form, particularly with the sketch of the legs and torso. Her posture feels better here than in the drawing below:

But the form feels better described above.

As I said, a bit of a mixed bag. It was a pretty intense day with lots of focussed studying of short poses. We had some longer poses later in the day, I'll have those up in the next post.

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