Monday, 28 January 2008

Drawing week: January pt. 12: The last day

Highlights from the final day of drawing week.
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Like the previous day's sessions, we had two models posing for us - this time with much more interaction:
(40 mins)
We worked with this pose for almost two hours. I began with the drawing above, mainly as a study. After a short break the models came back to the pose and I started over, eventually arriving at this:
(1 hour)
With the first drawing, I found I was drawing the models as separate elements and then trying to fit them in place, when I really should have viewed them as a whole. In a pose like this, the models have actually become one. One life model. So I tried that approach with the second drawing.

Similar issues here:
(30 mins)
The point where their arms meet and the way their legs wrap around eachother feel more connected that say, the left arm and shoulder of the man. Likewise, the twist in her hips feel right, but her right arm doesn't seem to quite support the weight. Rhythmically, the overall drawing lacks the flow I may have acheived had I continued to draw them as a single unit.

15 minute study of the surface planes:

20 minute study in applying the golden ratio in compostion:

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing week. The days just flew by and I was a bit gutted to see it come to an end, but I learned tonnes from all the talented people around me. Life drawing continues to help expand my understanding of the process and importance of observation in drawing, it's application and use, regardless of technique.

Having since resumed work commitments, I'm unlikely to manage more than the odd Saturday class at The Princes Drawing School. I have, however, been going to The National Gallery on Wednesday nights for more observation and study. More on that in a future post...


  1. Without wanting to sound like a broken record it's clear to see you've improved loads so it's well worth going to the classes. I'm impressed at your motivation and consistancy, at this rate of improvement you'll be sickeningly good in no time.

  2. wow. thanks very much for the kind words, the encouragement is much apreciated. and I know you're honest about thos sort of thing, so I'm delighted.