Thursday, 29 November 2007

Sketchbook: gesture drawings


The past couple of weeks have been manic. I'm pulling long hours at work and generally, juggling several projects all in crunch-time. So much for delivering on the promise of daily posts. Still, at least today's post keeps the blog updating to a weekly occurance...just.

15 sec

Not having the proper time to dedicate to life drawing (gutted), lately I've been doing little studies at any opportunity I can squeeze them in. These gesture drawings were done while waiting for the tube in rush hour. I kind of pick out a person and just draw them as fast as I can (10 - 30 seconds) without much thought - just trying to capture the essence of the pose.

10 sec 1

Along with speed I'm also trying for economy in line. Using a pen and being in a hectic atmosphere helps with this, because laboring over a drawing is just not appropriate use of the situation.

The pen forces me to commit to a line a bit more and not search as much as I do with pencil strokes when sketching. Right or wrong, when drawing this quick I have no option but to follow my instincts and trust my first response to what I'm looking at.

30 sec 1

Ironically, these drawings look more like real people than the pencil studies I've spent entire evenings on!

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