Friday, 22 June 2007

Life Drawing - Week 9

Here are some warm-up drawings I did at life drawing class on Wednesday night:

Draw Life 09-01

Draw Life 09-02

Each pose was held for around 7 minutes. With one more session to go with this class, I'm really conscious of my lack of foreshortening skills. Struggling to grasp this concept has been frustrating, but I'm thankful of at least developing an awareness of the principles that are lacking most in the drawings I've been doing.

We had just under an hour for this pose:

Draw Life 09-03

I was determined to focus on getting the twist in the torso down aswell as consciously do the best I could to imply foreshortening. Ofcourse this meant I didn't get all of the model into the drawing within the time we were given, but a lot of what we've been doing over the past weeks really started coming least in my head! :)

We finished off with one more quick pose (about 12 minutes I think):

Draw Life 09-04

Here I went to the other extreme and just tried to get as much down as quickly as possible - so not much measuring nor marking out proportions much. I guess that's my excuse for the wonky lines! ;)

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