Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Lunchbreaks and crap drawings

One of my favourite things to do on lunch breaks is to get out of the office, find a nice cafe or patch of grass and people-watch for an hour. It's essential to get away from the monitor and just observe behavior. I'm trying to develop a habit of taking my sketchbook with me and drawing for at least half the time.

For most of this year so far I've mainly been freelancing at one ad agency in Holborn. A bit of design work, but mostly art directing and storyboarding ideas for their digital projects as well as taking the creative lead on some of their print campaigns. With the high workload these days I find I'm stuck at my desk checking emails or waiting for proofs, and eating at my desk - i.e. the classic "working through lunch" trap. But I have managed to sneak in a doodle here and there, so here's some random crap I've been drawing:

Annoyed Blue Thing




Click on any image for larger versions on my flickr site.

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